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Published, April 15, 2024

MC TYSON, the iconic rapper from Kansai, is back with a new song titled “Do it Again“. After releasing his fifth album, “THE MESSAGE 5“, in April 2023, and his sold-out solo performance at Osaka Castle Hall in July 2023, this single marks MC TYSON’s first comeback in about a year. “Do it Again” was created to accompany the entrance of Sho Nakata, a player for the Chunichi Dragons, on the baseball field. The song reflects the fighting spirit and determination shared between Nakata and MC TYSON, who raps passionately. The lyrics, filled with resilience and courage, allude to the challenge of winning or losing and the need to give your best. The music video shot at Banterin Dome Nagoya, adds a vital visual element to the song. MC TYSON and Sho Nakata share the screen, illustrating the connection between music and sports. The video delivers a touching moment where the rapper takes the pitcher’s mound, creating a serious and quietly moving ending.

Director|Shunsuke Yamaguchi Director of Photography|Akihiko Kinomura Camera Assistant|Heuristic Lighting Director|Andy (And film) Lighting Assistant |Mao Hashimoto(Dimensionworks) Title Design |TACT

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