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Published, May 8, 2024


Release of “Daibakusho” feat. SIMON & Zeebra: A New Milestone for GADORO

GADORO has once again captivated the music scene by releasing their latest music video for the single, “Daibakusho” / 大爆笑 feat. SIMON & Zeebra, from their groundbreaking album “TAKANABE“. Launched on May 8, this video highlights the unique contributions of renowned hip-hop artists SIMON and Zeebra, enhancing the track’s appeal among fans and newcomers alike.

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Exploring the Highlights of “TAKANABE”

The “TAKANABE” album debuted in April 2024 and quickly became a standout project for GADORO. Among the album’s tracks, “Daibakusho” shines brightly as a prime example of collaboration. Each artist brings their distinct flair to the song, crafting a rich tapestry of sounds that define the modern hip-hop era. The audio production of “Daibakusho” was expertly managed by Kiwy, who is known for his innovative approach to music production. The music video, directed by the talented Hiroyasu Ogata—who has previously worked with artists like BAD HOP, BIM, and DISH—captures the track’s intense emotions and vibrant energy. The video’s ability to visually express the song’s themes and the artists’ performances contributes significantly to its impact.

Upcoming Events and Performances

Adding to the excitement, GADORO has announced an upcoming solo performance at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on August 16. This event is set to be one of the most significant in their career, following a successful tour and showcasing their music at the largest venue they have performed in yet. Fans eagerly anticipate this concert, with tickets rapidly selling out due to GADORO’s growing popularity.

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