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March 2nd, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The new album from GADORO, titled “TAKANABE“, is set for release on Wednesday, April 3rd. It is the second album since the creation of their label, Four Mud Arrows. This project stands out with an impressive list of guest artists, each bringing a unique and dynamic touch to the whole. Fans can look forward to appearances from Awich, SHINGO★Nishinari, SIMON, Zeebra, 775, and Hashishi, which resonate powerfully in the music industry. These collaborations promise to create unprecedented synergies and capture various emotions and musical styles.

A High-Flying Production

The sound quality of “TAKANABE” is ensured by the participation of leading producers such as NAOtheLAIZA, DJ IZOH, TRILL DYNASTY, Kiwy, CHIVA from BUZZER BEATS, PENTAXX.B.F, ikipedia, S-NA, and DJ RYU-G. This talented production team assures a rich and varied auditory experience, skillfully blending different genres and influences to create a unique sound. The visual aspect of the album should not be underestimated. The artwork has been entrusted to NOVOL, an artist renowned for his ability to capture the essence of music in his art. This collaboration promises an album cover as memorable and impressive as the music it represents.

An Eventful Tour

The excitement around “TAKANABE” doesn’t stop at its release. A tour is scheduled to start on Saturday, April 6th, beginning in Nagano, Japan. This series of concerts will offer fans a unique opportunity to experience the album live, in an electric atmosphere. The highlight of this tour will take place on June 2nd at the Miyazaki Civic Cultural Hall, in Miyazaki Prefecture, symbolically returning to the group’s roots.



Artist: GADORO
Release Date:2024.04.03
Label: Four Mud Arrows


1. ガラクタ Produced by NAOtheLAIZA & DJ IZOH
2. Pain feat. Awich Produced by TRILL DYNASTY
3. ハダシノボウケン Produced by Kiwy
4. 自遊空間 Produced by CHIVA from BUZZER BEATS
5. カナデ Produced by PENTAXX.B.F
6. まだ駄目
7. Walk Produced by PENTAXX.B.F
8. 大爆笑 feat. SIMON & Zeebra Produced by Kiwy
9. はなみずき Produced by ikipedia
10. 心音 Produced by S-NA
11. JIMOTO feat. SHINGO★西成 Produced by ikipedia
12. ここにいよう Remix feat. 775 & ハシシ Produced by DJ RYU-G

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