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September 5, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Chazzy is back with an all-new single. Following the success of his single “Only you“, released on March 29, 2023, the artist unveiled a track titled “Candle Heart” on August 11—a song with unique sounds that has all the potential to become the next hit.

“Candle Heart”: A blend of cultures and influences

What makes “Candle Heart” stand out is its harmonious blend of Japanese and English, a fusion that brings an exotic touch to the song. With its tempo and transparent atmosphere, it exudes the authenticity and passion of R&B. Behind this melody lies hours of hard work, thus showcasing Chazzy’s dedication to his craft.

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Since his teenage years, Chazzy has been heavily influenced by iconic artists such as Chris Brown, igniting a burning passion for music. By delving into Ty Dolla Sign’s universe, he developed a love for dance, adding another string to his bow. But it’s genuinely in the R&B and Hip-hop genres that he finds his true calling. These diverse influences have shaped his musical style, allowing him to create a rhythm that’s uniquely his, modern, and catchy.

A unique creative process

One of Chazzy’s secrets to composing such memorable melodies? He gets lost in the music, especially while driving. It’s in the intimate cocoon of his car that he listens to and hums beats, letting his mind wander, and his creativity flow freely.

Stream Link

Artist: Chazzy
Title: Candle Heart
Label: Chazzy

Music & Lyrics by: Chazzy
Track Produced by: Monbee
Mixed by: Gregory Germain (Fader Crafters)
Mastered by: Shiota Hiroshi (Saltfield Mastering)
Supported by: Tokyo BLU Nation

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