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May 12, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The wait is over for aimi and EMI MARIA fans, as their second collaborative single titled How’s The Weather? is set to release on Wednesday, May 24th. This new track follows the success of their first single “Day N Night“, released last year and co-written with producer Modesty Beats. This new single is not limited to just one song. In addition to “Day N Night”, it also includes three new captivating musical creations, namely How’s The Weather? and “Priority“. The central theme of these two songs is the need to care for oneself in the age of social media and modern society.

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Each piece in this single conveys the importance of taking a step back in our busy lives and focusing on our personal well-being. The lyrics also reflect the idea that it is crucial to take care of ourselves and not always prioritize the needs of others before our own. It’s worth mentioning that EMI MARIA recently contributed to DJ RYOW‘s album, a project that also features renowned artists such as SIRUP and JP THE WAVY. She has also collaborated with rapper EASTA and producer NAOtheLAIZA on a joint album. Additionally, she is participating in the “BACARDI SOUND Distillery” project in association with the rum brand BACARDI. The fruits of this collaboration with producer tofubeats will be available starting from May 20th.

In addition to the single release, fans will have the chance to experience the live video of How’s The Weather? This performance was showcased at the “FLAT6” event held last month at Shibuya WWW in Tokyo. The video will be uploaded on YouTube on May 28th at 8 PM, offering an immersive visual experience to accompany this new musical creation. The single How’s The Weather? by Aimi and EMI MARIA is eagerly anticipated by the many listeners who were already enchanted by their first single. With deep themes and captivating melodies, these two singers continue to push the boundaries of R&B music by exploring subjects such as mental health and self-care. Don’t miss out on this music release and stay tuned for future creative collaborations from aimi and EMI MARIA.

aimi, EMI MARIA - How's The Weather?

Artists: aimi & EMI MARIA
Title: How’s The Weather?
Release Date: May 24, 2023

1. How’s The Weather?
2. Priority
3. Day N Night

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