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Rising R&B artist aimi returns with a timeless acoustic ballad that showcases her gentle, emotional vocal with Japanese and English lyrics. “You Are” is a heartwarming winter love song for lifelong partners and families which fits the holiday season. “You’re my lover. You’re my friend. You’re meaning, and you’re my way. You’re my sunshine. Iʼll is your ocean / weʼre always together. Never fall apart.” Aimi sings in the chorus. Musically, acoustic guitar and piano sound blends well with aimiʼs whispery vocals and layers of beautiful harmonies. You Are now available on all streaming platforms.

aimi YouAre

aimi profile

aimi is a rising R&B singer and songwriter born and raised in Japan, currently based in Tokyo. Aimi released her first EP in the middle of a pandemic in 2020. After her latest EP, Chosen One, was released in early 2022, the number of streams has doubled, and global streams have increased rapidly. Later this year, aimi released a collaborative single with UNI-Qreatives and a remix with groove man Spot and Kzyboost, which performed very well on many playlists. The latest collective single, Day N Night with EMI MARIA, was released on October 23.

They united to bring R&B that’s on par with world-renowned artists to the J-POP culture. Growing up listening to soul music and R&B, she picked up her fatherʼs guitar and began to write her music. After many years of exploring different styles and doing live shows, she found her place in contemporary R&B. A way to express her raw emotions. Her music is rooted in 90’s and 00’s R&B with influences of modern/alternative R&B sounds.


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