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Published, June 7, 2024

On June 7, NENE from Yurufuwa Gang and Awich unveiled their new collaborative song, “Honey Buns“, accompanied by a music video. This track marks another collaboration between the two artists, who have previously worked together on songs such as “Bad Bitch Aesthetics,” “Handsome“, “Poison“, and “Meiji“. In “Honey Buns“, NENE and Awich showcase their ambitions for the international rap scene. Awich’s line, “Give NENE a visa and let’s go to Coachella,” perfectly captures this desire. The song was recorded in Los Angeles, adding a cosmopolitan and energetic touch to their distinctive sound.

The track’s production was handled by U-LEE from YENTOWN, a regular collaborator who successfully captured the unique essence of both artists. Keita Uchino directed the music video, bringing a creative visual vision to the song. Shuna, NENE’s niece, created the artwork accompanying the single, adding a personal and familial dimension to the project.

Awich, NENE, Honey Buns

Artist: NENE
Single: Honey Buns feat. Awich
Release date: 07/06/2024
Label: Abductions
Distribution link

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