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Published, May 8, 2024

Renowned music producer DJ Krush has once again captivated the music world by releasing his latest video for Hamaya feat. Jinmenusagi is a standout track from his new album, “Saisei“. Premiered on May 9, 2024, on his YouTube channel, this release marks a significant milestone as DJ Krush celebrates his independence from major record labels, following his previous album “TRICKSTER” which debuted four years ago.

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Embracing Zen and Buddhist Inspirations in Hamaya

Directed by Daiki Kamoshita, the Hamaya video delves deep into themes of breathing and spirituality, drawing heavily on ancient Zen and Buddhist philosophies. The video’s visual representation uniquely illustrates the balance between blending into the environment and confronting human desires, offering viewers not just a song but a story told through powerful imagery and sound.

Saisei” – A Symbol of Rebirth and Independence

Saisei“, which translates to “Rebirth -Saisei-” in English, is not just another album for DJ Krush. It represents his first major project since declaring his independence from the music industry. This album explores themes of rebirth in various forms—musically, artistically, and personally. DJ Krush uses “Saisei” to redefine his sound and narrative, moving forward from the challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The album includes a diverse lineup of music videos for other notable tracks, such as “Stormy” by Nissy x SKY-HI, “Ninane” by Creepy Nuts, and “Higher Remix” by ¥ellow Bucks. These collaborations highlight the range and quality of production under the directorship of Kamoshita, who has been pivotal in bringing a fresh visual take to DJ Krush’s innovative sound. With “Saisei“, DJ Krush revitalizes his career and sets the stage for future musical explorations. The album features three bonus instrumental tracks demonstrating his versatility and willingness to experiment with new sounds. These tracks mainly showcase collaborations with various guest artists, enhancing the overall richness of the album.


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