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April 24, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

On April 19th, TWIGY presented the OG remix of “CLASSIC feat. Zeebra / RINO” in collaboration with Zeebra and RINO, which is included in his new album “RAPATTACK“. The album also includes music videos directed by Tomohiro “HAMA” Hamamura, including “RAPATTACK” and “LUCY“. At the same time, Katsura Wakano worked on character design in the music video for “CLASSIC feat. Zeebra / RINO” and the single digital jacket.

The album “RAPATTACK” was released just one year after “WAKING LIFE” (2021), which was TWIGY’s first album in about ten years. DJ Honda is the sound producer for all the songs on the album. In recent years, TWIGY has worked on joint projects with B.I.G JOE, Benizakura, SIMON JAP, and ILL-BOSSTINO (THA BLUE HERB), offering a variety of hip-hop flavors ranging from the old school, east coast, hardcore to dance classics. The 90s hip-hop enthusiast brings a fresh touch to his new album, renewing the flavor of the golden age for rap fans. The album artwork was taken care of by TOMI-E. With a job well done and a new album, TWIGY is ready to take the hip-hop scene by storm in late 2022.

Single: CLASSIC feat. ZEEBRA, RINO (O.G. Remix)
Artist: Twigy
Date release: April 19, 2023
Audio Stream

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