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April 24, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

OZROSAURUS is back on the music scene with a new track entitled “Legend“, produced by DJ PMX. The single was released on April 22nd, but to the surprise of his fans, the music video premiered the day before. This release is a significant event for Japanese rap enthusiasts, as OZROSAURUS is considered one of the greatest rappers from Hama and Yokohama. The music video for “Legend” was shot in Yokohama by renowned photographer and cinematographer Tomoyuki Kawakami. The artist’s photo management is handled by cherry chill will. The music video is a visually stunning work that showcases the rapper in his hometown of Yokohama.

OZROSAURUS made a mark on Japanese rap history during the 2000s, particularly with iconic tracks such as “AREA AREA“, “The Phoenix“, and “Hey Girl“, which influenced several generations of rap fans. Longtime fans highly anticipate his return. The “Legend” music video is the second track released by OZROSAURUS this year, following “Rewind” with ZORN, released in February and has accumulated over 2 million views on YouTube. This release marks the end of a long hiatus for the rapper. Finally, to the delight of his fans, OZROSAURUS announced that he would perform in a one-person live concert entitled “NOT LEGEND” at Yokohama Arena on September 18th. Ticket pre-sales began on the same day as the release of “Legend,” on April 21st, and are already experiencing great success.

OZROSAURUS’ return is a significant event for the Japanese rap scene, and his new track “Legend” promises to be a hit among his fans. The premiere of the music video has created great anticipation for the official release of the single, and the September concert at Yokohama Arena is already shaping up to be one of the year’s significant events for Japanese rap enthusiasts.

Single: “Legend” produced by DJ PMX
Date release: April 22, 2023
Label: All my homies
Audio Stream

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