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September 18, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan| by RJHH Team

In the current musical landscape, a piece seldom reaches as personal a dimension as “Deep Green(深緑). This song, still unknown to the general public, tells the true story of rapper XILA, an artist with an extraordinary journey who has managed to transform a traumatic experience into a source of inspiration.

A Troubled Past at the Heart of the Creation

Deep Green” is not just any song. It has its roots in a dark episode from XILA’s life, being involved in a significant national cannabis-related case in the past. During those difficult times, music became a refuge, a powerful means of expressing reality, and nourishing hope.

“Deep Green”: A Creation Born from Adversity

Within the walls of a cell, XILA fine-tuned the lyrics of “Deep Green“, depicting with rare intensity this period of incarceration. An experience that, far from extinguishing his artistic flame, nourished it, giving birth to authentic lyrics. But the true rebirth. occurred during an unplanned meeting between XILA, MACD, and CHEHON, old friends from their teenage years. Upon discovering the existence of this song, they decided to turn it into a track in a context where the legalization of cannabis is gaining ground internationally, except in Japan.

The trio didn’t stop there. In their quest for truth and justice, they created “Shinmoku,” a title that breaks the silence and questions the contemporary issues facing Japan, embodying the original spirit of hip-hop: to question, to challenge the status quo, echoing years of insistence and belief in the therapeutic potential of marijuana. “Deep Green” and “Shinmoku” are not just songs; they are testimonies, products of painful experiences and hope. Through these works, XILA and CHEHON invite reflection, advocating for societal change in Japan.

Artists: XILA & Chehon
Single: “Deep Green”
Date de sortie: 2023.09.16
Label: MACD

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