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April 13th, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Saturday, April 13 marks the release of DJ RYU-G’s single “Back In The Dayz”, in collaboration with MUD from KANDYTOWN and the singer mi-rai.

Since his debut in 2004, DJ RYU-G has continually evolved, becoming a staple in Japan’s vibrant nightlife. His ability to blend various genres while staying true to his G-funk roots has solidified his reputation as an innovator. His latest project is no exception. With “Back In The Dayz“, DJ RYU-G not only celebrates his 20 years in the industry but also pays tribute to the classic era of G-funk, revitalized by the modern beats of renowned beatmaker hokuto.

Collaboration with MUD and mi-rai

The single represents a stellar collaboration, bringing together exceptional talents. Having recently parted ways with KANDYTOWN and mi-rai, MUD adds rich texture and emotional depth to the track. This fusion of talents ensures that “Back In The Dayz” will resonate with old-school hip-hop fans. The release of “Back In The Dayz” is highly anticipated by DJ RYU-G’s fans and the wider music community. The DJ continues to perform in clubs across the country and actively works on his first EP, promising even more exciting new developments.

DJ RYU-G Back In The Dayz feat. MUD & mi-rai

Artist: DJ RYU-G
Single: Back In The Dayz feat. MUD & mi-rai
Release date: 2024.04.13
Label: 44RECORDS


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