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September 19, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan| by RJHH Team

Yo-Sea takes us on an extraordinary journey from the shores of Okinawa through his debut album, “Sea Of Love“. After years of meticulous building and club successes, the SSW (Singer Song Writer) has carved out a special place in the R&B landscape. We look back at the trajectory of an artist who has managed, step by step, to build a solid and promising career.

A Rich and Awarded Journey

Yo-Sea debuted in 2018 with the single “I think she is“. Since then, each stone has been laid with intention and precision, building a career that has already seen numerous fruitful collaborations and notable appearances. In 2019, he was recognized as an “Early Noise Artist 2019” by Spotify, highlighting national artists ready to take a giant leap in their careers.

Sea Of Love: A Complete and Refined Album

Almost five years have passed since his debut, and the release of “Sea Of Love” marks a turning point in Yo-Sea’s career. From the first notes of the single “Moonlight“, one discerns an artist ready to explore broader musical territories, an ambition displayed throughout the album’s tracks.

Both introspective and universal, “Sea Of Love” carries many influences and precious collaborations within it. Each track takes listeners through an ocean of emotions, a tide of rhythms that submerges you and pulls you into Yo-Sea’s deep and vibrant wake.

Meeting with Yo-Sea

We had the honor to sit down with Yo-Sea to discuss the creative processes that fueled this work of art. During our interview, the artist spoke to us about the numerous changes in mindset that occurred during the production of “Sea Of Love“, a period that saw close collaborations with artists such as Gottz, COSA, Daichi Yamamoto, Matt Cab, as well as his faithful allies TOMi and Ketung. “Each collaboration brought a unique color to this album“, Yo-Sea says. “The years of work and perseverance are crystallized in each note, each melody“. The album stands out not only for its musical richness but also for its emotional depth that resonates in the hearts of listeners.

Artist: Yo-Sea
Album: Sea of Love
Release Date: August 30, 2023
Label: AOTL

Audio link


1. Intro
2. Flower
3. Without You
4. Moonlight
5. Body&Soul feat. Gottz & Neetz
6. Waiting
7. Nana feat. Daichi Yamamoto
8. Aruto
9. Inori feat. C.O.S.A.
10. Actor
11. Grateful feat. Kethug
12. Mighty Long Way
13. Someday



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