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January 12, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

This new album from WILYWNKA is remarkable for its volume and the quality of collaborations it features. Renowned artists are featured, such as ¥ellow Bucks, Guca Owl, VIGORMAN, and Young Coco. Additionally, the legendary rapper RYUZO makes a highly anticipated appearance, marking his return after a seven-year hiatus, a collaboration that promises to captivate long-time fans and new listeners.

Even before its release, the album created a considerable buzz thanks to its singles “Excuse Me” and “PUSH ‘N’ PUSH”. These tracks, along with “SAKURA“, a touching rendition of Naotaro Moriyama’s famous song “Sakura (solo)“, quickly won over the hearts of fans and critics alike. The album benefits from the touch of talented producers such as DJ UPPERCUT and Taka Perry, the latter based in Australia. They are joined by talents like BACHLOGIC and ENDRUN and guitarist Ryunosuke Yamagishi, each adding their unique color to the album. This international collaboration highlights WILYWNKA’s ambition to merge various styles and influences to create something truly innovative. In a nostalgic gesture, “90’s Baby” is available in digital format and on CD and cassette, thus providing listeners a varied experience. This multi-format release is a cherished nod to the 90s and shows WILYWNKA’s commitment to celebrating music in all its forms.

Album: 90’s Baby
Release date: 2024-05-08
Label: 1%
Stream link

WILYWNKA, 90's Baby


01 I am feat. RYUZO (Produced by DJ UPPERCUT)
02 INTRO feat.Young Coco (Produced by DJ UPPERCUT)
03 PUSH ‘N’ PUSH (Produced by DJ UPPERCUT)
04 Excuse Me (Produced by Taka Perry)
05 90’s Baby (Produced by DJ UPPERCUT)
06 Gorgeous feat. ¥ellow Bucks & Nephew (Produced by Taka Perry)
07 Oh Girl feat. guca owl (Produced by BACHLOGIC)
08 What!? (Produced by Taka Perry)
09 Good Motherfxxker (Produced by DJ UPPERCUT)
10 メッチャ楽Shit (Produced by Yung Nick)
11 Living In This World (Produced by Ryunosuke Yamagishi)
12 I Mean (Produced by ENDRUN)
13 SAKURA (Produced by DJ UPPERCUT)
14 待機中 PM10:45 (Produced by Slow Jamz)
15 Dying Love (Produced by Taka Perry)
16 RICHMAN feat. VIGORMAN (Produced by Taka Perry)


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