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August 12, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

OZROSAURUS has released their brand new album titled “NOT LEGEND“. This highly anticipated masterpiece promises to captivate listeners with its prestigious collaborations and exceptional artistic contributions. Under the banner of All My Homies, led by the influential rap figure ZORN, this project is already shaping into one of the year’s best albums.

“NOT LEGEND”, an Eclectic Collection of 13 Tracks

This album offers fans a diverse musical experience, featuring 13 carefully selected songs that come together to create a perfect auditory journey. The album includes new original compositions and previously released singles, providing listeners with a glimpse into the creativity of OZROSAURUS.

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Exceptional Collaborations with ZORN, KREVA, EVISBEATS, BACHLOGIC, DJ PMX…

NOT LEGEND” also shines with prestigious collaborations that enrich the entire album. Rappers ZORN and KREVA bring their unique flavors to this opus, elevating the auditory experience to a higher level. These collaborations transform each song into a unique fusion of talents, voices, and perspectives, thus creating a rich and complex sonic tapestry. The sound production of “NOT LEGEND” is the work of some of the most talented producers in the music industry. Names like BACHLOGIC, DJ PMX, EVISBEATS, Gunhead, and Olive Oil each shape the album’s distinctive sonic identity. Their ingenious work in the background breathes life into the lyrics of Ozrosaurus and the other featured rappers.

NOT LEGEND” is available on multiple music streaming platforms but not on Spotify. It will likely take several months, or even years before this album becomes available on that platform.

Release date: 2023.08.09
Label: All my Homies


1. Intro
2. 花季節
3. BJブルース
4. Legend
5. Be quiet
6. Nothing
7. No One
8. Rewind feat. ZORN
9. 明けない夜
10. 沈黙と変な嘘
11. Aqua Haze
12. Players’ Player feat. KREVA
13. 2years


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