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July 31, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

August 7th will mark the highly anticipated release of the single “Overtourism“, resulting from a bold collaboration between two Japanese Hip-Hop/R&B artists, Minacoco and Namichie, and the talented producer Kiufit. This innovative single promises to captivate listeners with its unique blend of Afrobeat and the distinctive singing style of Japanese R&B and rap. This musical collaboration brings together two different music worlds, creating a captivating artistic chemistry. Kiufit, a young African producer based in Paris, has successfully woven an irresistible sonic tapestry by combining infectious Afrobeat rhythms with Minacoco and Namichie’s singing style. The result is an original piece highlighting all three artists’ creative strengths.

Overtourism” represents more than just a musical fusion. They’ve also used their music to embark on an artistic and cultural journey, connecting Africa, France, and Japan through their frequent travels. As musical ambassadors of their respective countries, they have taken the initiative to spread Japanese music globally and build cultural bridges, thereby strengthening the ties between different musical communities. Minacoco, whose design skills are remarkable, has also contributed to this production by creating the cover art for the single. This unique illustration reflects her artistic expertise and adds a special touch to the entire project.

The team behind this song announces that this single is just a taste of their promising collaboration. Other exciting musical projects are already in the works, promising to celebrate the diversity and unity of different musical traditions. This initiative is another step towards enriching the global musical landscape. On August 7th, get ready to embark on a unique sonic journey with the release of the single “Overtourism“. It will be available on various music platforms under the label Attango Entertainment.

About Minacoco



Minacoco is an artist born in the prefecture of Fukuoka. She was drawn to the arts from a young age and discovered her passion for music and design. She began playing the piano at age four, beginning her musical journey. Her love for music then led her to explore various instruments. She played the euphonium in a brass band, drums, and even the didgeridoo in a group. Exploring different sounds and diverse musical styles enriched her understanding of music and shaped her artistic approach. After completing her studies at a design college, she moved to Tokyo, where she decided to explore her voice as a singer. She studied DTM, music theory, and professional sound production at a specialized music school to perfect her musical skills. This training allowed her to master music’s technical aspects and develop her unique vocal style.

Minacoco’s voice is described as silky, husky, and deep, giving her rare vocal versatility. Her ability to combine power and gentleness in her singing has captivated many listeners and allowed her to collaborate with different artists. She has worked as a backing vocalist for various musical projects, participated in gospel choirs, performed at weddings, and sung as a solo artist in clubs. He then released the single “Picture Perfect” in September 2019. She ultimately decided to settle in France, making Paris her place of residence. Under the name Minacoco, she embarked on a new artistic journey and now focuses on her musical recordings, harmoniously blending her multiple talents and influences to create a fusion without borders. Her music reflects her roots in black music while incorporating diverse elements from her travels and musical experiences.

About Namichie



Namichie, whose full name is Namichie, is a multi-talented Japanese artist born in 1997 in Chigasaki. Her creativity in music, mascot costume design, and essay writing shines through. She is currently based in her hometown, Chigasaki, and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts as a top student. As a musician, Namichie is a versatile artist who excels as a singer-songwriter. She performs as a solo artist and is also a member of the group TAMURAKING.

Her debut album, “Everyday Away“, released in 2020, achieved remarkable success. It received a special award at the “APPLE VINEGAR -Music Award-” that same year, and her talent was recognized by Masafumi Goto, a member of the famous Japanese music group ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, who sponsored her. Moreover, the album “Everyday Away” was selected in the “Art” category of Forbes 30 UNDER30 JAPAN in 2020, highlighting the acknowledgment of her work among promising young talents in Japan.

Namichie caught the public’s attention as early as 2018 through various musical collaborations with the artist ASOBOiSM. One of her notable collaborations is the song “Rich Or Dead (Asian Girls Remix)”, produced by XLII, which received significant praise from Japanese and international listeners. Her musical talent extends beyond the stage, as she has made several television appearances that have increased her popularity and reached a broader audience. In addition to her music career, she is active in mascot costume design, adding a creative and fun dimension to her artistic repertoire. Furthermore, she has written essays showcasing her writing talent and desire to express herself through different art forms.

About Kiufit



Kiufit is a talented music artist born in 1996 in Lomé, Togo. From a young age, he developed a deep interest in music and began his career as a musician in his father’s church, where he played the bass guitar. This early experience allowed him to develop his instrumental skills and become familiar with the music world. In 2014, Kiufit ventured into music composition and extensively explored various musical genres. His overflowing creativity led him to explore diverse styles, ranging from afrobeat to Afropop, Gospel, Dancehall, Reggae, Trap, Reggaeton, Jersey club, Drill, and even Classical music. This open-mindedness towards music enables him to create unique and innovative works that resonate with a broad audience.

He seized the opportunity to enter the world of music production. Having become a music producer in France, he thus reconciles his dual passion for music and technology—two domains that may seem distant at first glance but harmoniously complement each other in Kiufit’s creative spirit. His talent and hard work have allowed him to collaborate with various artists, produce remarkable tracks, and carve out a place for himself in the music industry. His mastery of production techniques and musical eclecticism gives him a unique and recognizable artistic signature.

Overtourism prod by Kiufit, Minacoco and Namichie

Single: “Overtourism” prod by Kiufit
Artists: Minacoco x Namichie
Release date: August 7, 2023
Label: Attango Entertainment


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