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May 21, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

Hash presents their new album titled “8960 Pt.2“. This album comes a year and a half after releasing their previous opus, “8960“. However, this time, Hash collaborated with the local label “ZERO RECORDS” to produce this follow-up. The album was created with the help of a new production team called “TKWG“, which is part of the “Karnel Studio” label. This team had previously worked on Hash’s previous albums and took charge of the mixing and mastering, as they did for the previous album.

“8960 Pt.2” also features interesting collaborations with guest artists. Among them is Young Dais, a group “N.C.B.B.” member representing Sapporo’s hip-hop scene. Young Dais is also known for acting in films such as “Tokyo Tribe” and “Nihon no Ichiban bad guys“. The other guest is “T-2 O“, a member of the same label as Hash and originally from their hometown. The album’s content is described as even more powerful than its predecessor’s. It promises to resonate not only in the group’s original region but also in neighboring cities. Fans can expect impactful tracks and lyrics that will leave a lasting impression. With this release, Hash hopes to solidify their music scene position and continue attracting attention beyond their native region. “8960 Pt.2” promises to be an exciting new addition to their discography and captivate the audience.

Album: 8960 Pt.2
Artist: Hash
Date release: May 21, 2023
Audio Stream

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