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July 8, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

OZROSAURUS, one of Japan’s most iconic rappers, recently released a music video for their latest song titled “Players’ Player“, featuring KREVA as a guest artist and produced by BACHLOGIC. The collaboration in their latest track “Players’ Player” is a stunning musical experience that has already accumulated over 900,000 views on YouTube. This song could very well be one of the year’s standout tracks.

“Players’ Player” is the fourth single from rapper OZROSAURUS, who had already made waves with his comeback under the name OZROSAURUS. The rapper has also shared music videos for the singles “Rewind feat. Zorn“, “Legend“, and “2years“, released in June 2023. All that’s left is the announcement of the release of the full album, which could potentially be announced this year. This new song, released on July 4th, offers listeners an exceptional fusion of the two artists’ talents. The video was directed by Takuto Shinbo, while the stunning cover photo was taken by Cherry Chill Will. KREVA will also be the special guest at the one-man live event titled “NOT LEGEND”, held at the Yokohama Arena on September 18, 2023.

MACCHO, also known as OZROSAURUS, is a legendary rapper influenced by the West Coast American scene. With his unforgettable voice, he delivers impactful lyrics that proudly represent the city of Yokohama. His local rap style has solidified his reputation in Japan, particularly through his third album, “Rhyme & Blues” released in 2006. This album reached the top spot on the prestigious Hip-Hop ranking of Blast magazine at the time and was highly appreciated by fans. It also includes the “Disrespect 4 U” track, which sparked a famous rivalry in the Japanese music industry. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most remarkable works on my list of the top ten albums of all time.

KREVA, after collaborating with KICK THE CAN CREW, embarked on his solo career in 2004. He is a versatile and legendary rapper, recognized for his songwriting and composing skills and his DJ talents. He has won the prestigious B-BOY PARK MC rap battle three times, became the first solo rapper to top the Oricon charts in Japan, successfully performed at the Budokan, and held sold-out national tours, including performances in iconic venues like the Saitama Super Arena.

OZROSAURUS, Players' Player feat. KREVA

OZROSAURUS, Players’ Player feat. KREVA

The collaboration between OZROSAURUS and KREVA in “Players’ Player” is a true explosion of talent and creativity. The two rappers, each with their distinctive style, complement each other perfectly and deliver a captivating musical experience. The song’s rhythm allows the artists’ flows to shine and convey their lyrics’ energy and emotion. With over 900,000 views on YouTube in record time, “Players’ Player” has already captivated many listeners and continues to gain popularity. Fans eagerly await the release of OZROSAURUS’ full album, which could very well be one of the most significant music events of the year. OZROSAURUS’ “Players’ Player” in collaboration with KREVA is a major musical event. The two rappers bring their unique talent to this song, offering an exceptional fusion of styles and emotions.


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