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June 23, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

BAD HOP, the iconic Japanese rap group, recently announced their dissolution during their headlining performance at Japan’s biggest hip-hop festival, “POP YOURS 2023“. This news shocked fans and sparked significant reflection on the group’s history, their hometown of Kawasaki, and their impact on the music scene. In a lengthy interview video conducted by Ryo Isobe, a writer who has followed the group for a long time, the members of BAD HOP shared their honest thoughts about their journey and the reasons that led to their decision to part ways. This dissolution comes as their nationwide tour titled “THE LAST SUMMER” has just begun.

BAD HOP: Pillar of the New Generation of Japanese Rap

Since its formation in 2014, BAD HOP has become one of the most influential and innovative rap groups in the Japanese scene. Comprised of Yzerr, T-Pablow, Vingo, Bark, and Banjazzy, the group has left an indelible mark on J-RAP music. Their impactful lyrics, unique flows, and energetic stage presence have earned them a solid fan base and considerable recognition in the music industry. It is impossible to mention BAD HOP without discussing their biggest hits and discography such as “Life Style“, “Ocean View“, “Asian Doll“, “Kawasaki Drift“, or “Friends“. Their excellent track “Born This Way” is also worth mentioning, featured in the manga Kengan Ashura released in 2019.

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The announcement of BAD HOP’s dissolution at the “POP YOURS 2023” festival shocked the group’s fans. As they reached new heights of popularity, this decision raised numerous questions and speculations. In the interview video produced by Takuto Shimbo, the director of the famous music video “Kawasaki Drift,” the members of BAD HOP shared their thoughts on this difficult choice. It is clear that the group members made this decision after much contemplation and with a lot of emotion. During the interview, Yzeer expressed the most desire to leave in order to start a solo career. He further added that it was the best time for him to move on.

The Journey and Impact of BAD HOP

Throughout the interview, the members discussed their journey, the highs and lows they experienced as a group, and their deep connection to their hometown of Kawasaki. They thanked their fans for their unwavering support and emphasized the importance of staying true to their artistic convictions. The dissolution marks the end of an era in the J-RAP scene. The group paved the way for a new generation of Japanese rappers and contributed to popularizing the genre in the country. Their unique style and creativity have inspired many emerging artists and left an indelible mark on the Japanese music industry.

The dissolution has been heartbreaking news for the group’s fans and the J-RAP scene as a whole. While the exact reasons for this decision are yet to be revealed, it is undeniable that BAD HOP has left a profound legacy. Their influence will endure and continue to inspire many future rappers. We eagerly await the release of the rest of the interview, which may shed more light on the reasons for the dissolution and allow us to better understand this crucial step in the history of the BAD HOP group.


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