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May 30, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

BAD HOP is a hip-hop group of eight members from Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The group recently announced their dissolution during a memorable concert at the “POP YOURS 2023” festival in Chiba. This news has surprised fans and sparked a wave of sadness within the Japanese hip-hop community. The dissolution comes just two months after the announcement of Kandytown, another viral Japanese rap group, ceasing their activities.

The group was formed in 2014 by twins T-Pablow and YZERR, who won the prestigious “High School RAP Championship“. Since then, the group has experienced a rapid rise, attracting a broad audience within the hip-hop community and among young listeners. Their popularity was further reinforced by sold-out concerts, such as their solo performance at Zepp Tokyo in 2018 and their memorable concert at Nippon Budokan, which drew an audience of around 8,000.

The Dissolution of BAD HOP

During the “POP YOURS 2023” festival, T-Pablow announced the group’s dissolution. After an energetic and captivating performance, he addressed the audience with seriousness and calm. The announcement came as a shock to the fans present that night. Following this, the group revealed they would organize a final tour and a one-day dissolution concert. The venue for this event has yet to be determined, but the group members have asked for their fans’ input in choosing it. Although exact details have not been disclosed, T-Pablow expressed a desire to fulfill everyone’s wishes and ensure the future of Japanese hip-hop. The dissolution of BAD HOP is motivated by the intention to create something memorable for the fans and contribute to the continued development of the hip-hop music scene in Japan. The members emphasized their love for hip-hop and commitment to continuing their careers, whether together or individually.

A final national tour for BAD HOP

Before their final concert, they are planning a nationwide tour from June with a total of 13 performances, the tour finale being held at CLUB CITTA ‘in their hometown of Kanagawa and Kawasaki. The venue for the final live performance has yet to be determined. The group seeks venues for its final live show with the hashtag “#BADHOPDissolution”.

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The dissolution of BAD HOP will mark the end of an era for Japanese hip-hop. The group has been one of the pillars of the national hip-hop scene, attracting a wide range of fans with their unique style and energetic performances. Their influence and popularity have contributed to the growth of new generations within Japan’s hip-hop culture and paved the way for many other artists. The dissolution of BAD HOP, announced at the “POP YOURS 2023” festival, signifies the end of an era for Japanese hip-hop. This iconic group, comprised of eight childhood friends, managed to capture the hearts of many fans through their passionate music and unforgettable performances that will be remembered for years to come.


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