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September 2, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

On August 30th, Tokyo-based rapper Sparta finally released a ” Massive ” EP. This new project brings a unique depth and dimension to his music. “Massive” consists of five distinct tracks. Two of them, “Itsou” and “Balloon“, were already known to the public as lead singles. These songs and three new tracks promise a rich and diverse listening experience. Each way tells a story; every note played conveys an emotion.

The essence of “Massive”: A reflection of SPARTA’s feelings

What makes this EP particularly notable is its documentary nature. Rather than simply presenting melodies, “Massive” delves into the struggles and emotions experienced by SPARTA. The importance of persevering in daily life and cherishing family, even in the face of challenges and frustrations of an artistic career, is a central theme of the album. It’s a window into the rapper’s perspective, a means for fans and new listeners to understand the motivations and aspirations driving SPARTA.

One of the songs, “Player“, marks the first collaboration with KID FRESINO since “ALIEN“. This artistic partnership brings a unique and renewed energy to the EP. Even more impressive is that all tracks are self-produced, showcasing SPARTA’s talent. The lead singles, “Balloon” and “Player,” benefitted from the expertise of Masahito Komori for the mixing and Tsubasa Yamazaki for the mastering. These final touches ensure impeccable sound quality.

Artist: Sparta
EP: “Massive”
Release date: 2023-08-30
Label: htb originals

Track List

1. Lalu
2. dadada
3. いつも
4. Player feat. KID FRESINO
5. Balloon
All Tracks produced by SPARTA

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