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August 9, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The world of rap is experiencing a new shake-up with the release of the highly anticipated EP by Awich titled “United Queens“. Launched on August 9th, this music project brings together a constellation of talented female rappers. This ep promises to make the J-Rap scene resonate this summer, from explosive collaborations to innovative remixes.

The “United Queens” ep is much more than a simple musical compilation; it celebrates the essence of female rap. The album highlights the creative genius of several renowned artists, including NENE, LANA, MaRI, AI, and YURIYAN RETRIEVER. Each of these rappers and singers brings her unique touch, creating a captivating artistic synergy that transcends musical boundaries. Among the highlights of “United Queens“, the remix “Bad Bitch Aesthetics” quickly caught the public’s attention. This remix sparked real enthusiasm, accumulating over 5 million streaming views in its first 10 days of release. The incredible reception testifies to the powerful impact of the EP on the current music scene, confirming its status as a must-listen.

“United Queens”, a monumental creation under the direction of Chaki Zulu

This opus also offers collaborations that exceed expectations. In addition to the successful remix, listeners can delve into tracks like “ALI BABA feat. MFS“, a song viewed thousands of times on YouTube. The talents of NENE, MaRI, and Awich converge in these tracks. All the credit for the incredible project production goes to Chaki Zulu. His artistic expertise and ability to capture the essence of each artist have given birth to a collection of unforgettable musical works. How he orchestrates female rappers’ different styles and voices is a testament to his exceptional talent as a producer.

The Not-to-Be-Missed Event

Fans will have the chance to dive deeper into “United Queens” by releasing the music video for the song “ALI BABA feat. MFS” on August 10th at 8:00 PM. This captivating visual promises to bring the music to life viscerally, adding a new dimension to the auditory experience.

Artist: Awich
EP: “United Queens”
Release Date:2023.08.09
Label: and music

1. Awich, NENE, LANA & MaRI – Bad Bitch 美学
2. Awich – イケメンタル feat. NENE
3. Awich – Pussy feat. MaRI
4. Skit (Pussy Preach)
5. Awich – ALI BABA feat. MFS
6. Awich – Shut Down feat. CYBER RUI
7. Awich, NENE, LANA, MaRI, AI & YURIYAN RETRIEVER – Bad Bitch 美学 Remix

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