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September 2, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The music world has been eagerly awaiting this: the release of ASOBOiSM’s much-anticipated second album. After a warmly received debut album, “OOTD,” in 2020, which gained significant recognition in the R&B/HIP-HOP scene, the singer released her new opus titled “YOLO” on August 30th. Additionally, the music video for the “Hug Me” track has been available since August 31st on her YouTube channel.

“YOLO”, a rich musical journey

It’s no secret that ASOBOiSM quickly became essential in the music scene. Who can forget the hit “Jibunno kigenwa jibunnde toru(Remix)” (自分の機嫌は自分でとる) in collaboration with Akko Gorilla & CLR (Lalando Saya). With over 600,000 views on YouTube, this song left a mark. Beyond her singing career, ASOBOiSM also shone as a writer, collaborating with big names like Seiho, DJ HASEBE, TRI4TH, and Shota Shimizu and composing for artists such as Batten Girls’ Team, ZILLION, Harusarubi.

Genre-blending by ASOBOiSM in “YOLO”

Three years after her debut album, ASOBOiSM returns with “YOLO“, a gem that transcends genres. This album celebrates musical diversity, from indie pop to alternative R&B, via 2-step, Jersey club, hip-hop, and touching ballads. Each newly recorded track showcases ASOBOiSM’s talent as a songwriter, immersing us in the artist’s unique universe. There are also fruitful collaborations. Namichie and Shingo Sekiguchi, who had previously contributed to the “OOTD” album, make their appearance. The release of the “Hug Me” video, directed by Nasty Men$ah, marks a turning point in ASOBOiSM’s career. She reveals herself in a dance for the first time, adding another string to her bow. This new addition showcases the artist’s evolution and maturity, always seeking innovation.

Artist: ASOBOiSM
Album: YOLO
Release Date: 2023.08.30
Label: RED
Distribution link


1. Do nothing
3. だるがらみ feat. 関口シンゴ)
4. hug me
5. ないもんねだり
6. Categorizing feat. なみちえ
7. Claimer
8. Errorrrr
9. 自分の機嫌は自分でとる (Remix) feat. あっこゴリラ & CLR
10. kumo
11. いいやつ
12. 明日はくる feat. 関口シンゴ


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