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March 8th, 2024 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

The music scene is set for rejuvenation with the upcoming release of “AKARUIHEYA“, the new song by LEX and LANA, scheduled for April 10. The brother and sister are initially from Shonan.

“AKARUIHEYA”, a unique family collaboration

LEX and LANA share a family bond and a common passion for music. “AKARUIHEYA” symbolizes the union of their talents and emotions in a creation that resonates with their personal history. The song is said to be infused with deep feelings, reflecting the trials and triumphs of their journey as brother and sister artists. Since his debut in 2019 with “LEX DAY GAMES 4“, LEX has quickly made his mark in the industry with five albums, four EPs, and various mixtapes. His ongoing participation in “POP YOURS” since its inception illustrates his rising status in hip-hop. LANA, on her part, dived into music in 2022 and has already captivated audiences with hits like “TURN IT UP” and “L7 Blues”. Her latest EP, “19.5”, released in March, solidifies her reputation among the youth, with new music videos expanding her influence.

The premiere of “AKARUIHEYA” will take place during the “POP YOURS” festival on May 18 and 19. This festival is a significant showcase for hip-hop scene artists, and choosing LEX and LANA to co-headline this event marks an essential step in their careers. The song was produced by “STUTS on the WAVE“, a production team led by STUTS and ZOT on the WAVE. This collaboration is the duo’s first major project since forming their production team, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement around the song’s release.


Artists: LEX & LANA
Release date: 2024.04.10
Lyrics: LEX & LANA
Producers: STUTS on the WAVE (STUTS & ZOT on the WAVE)
Mix: par DOI
Mastering: Colin Leonard

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