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Published, January 28, 2023


The Japanese music scene is in intense upheaval with the release of the latest clip by Yzerr, a member of the influential group BAD HOP. The track, titled “guidance” (舐達麻 ジャパニーズマゲニーズDiss), is an explosive response to the ongoing conflict between BAD HOP, Namedaruma (舐達麻), and Japanese Magenese (ジャパニーズマゲニーズ). Released on January 28th, this title is already making waves in the industry and among fans.

The conflict, which has captivated fans of Japanese urban music, broke out last year and has continued to intensify. Yzerr, with “guidance“, directly responds to the tensions, marking his position in this musical feud. Its release was preceded by a discussion on the “#Rivatalk TO THE DOME” show on Interfm, further fueling public anticipation. The music video is not just an accompaniment to the song. It also serves as an announcement for the upcoming album by BAD HOP, aptly titled “BAD HOP“. The album’s release date is February 9th, although the details of the tracks remain unknown. The excitement is palpable, with over a million views on the video in one day, testifying to the fans’ eager anticipation of Yzeer’s response.

“guidance” includes incendiary lyrics.

The track itself is a striking example of Yzerr’s lyrical mastery. He fearlessly addresses the issues and tensions within the Japanese rap scene. The biting lyrics directly target the members of Namedaruma and Japanese Maganese, with lines such as:

本当は怖いんだろ実際 自分の弱さを認めれない 表じゃ無理する振る舞い
“In reality, you’re scared. Unable to admit your weakness, Your forced behavior in public.”


個人のはずがグループ同士作りたがる構図を 女々しいお前はDisですらも他人任せで逃避行 仲間置いて逃げるような絵に描いた裸の王が 裸の写真を求めてる快楽主義の豚野郎が
“It was supposed to be personal, but you want to create group conflicts. Running away from your responsibilities, even in your disses, you are cowardly. Traitors who abandon their friends are like naked kings. Hedonistic pigs are seeking naked photos.”

These words reveal his willingness to confront problems directly, refusing to hide behind metaphors or insinuations. With the release of the “BAD HOP” album scheduled for February, attention has now turned to what the group has in store. If this single is any indication, fans can expect an album filled with passion, challenge, and powerful messages.


BAD HOP album cover

Date released: 2024.02.09

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