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Published, April 3, 2023

5lack, an artist of undeniable talent, has released his new album, “Report.” Comprising six songs, including an intro, this album continues the momentum of its predecessor, “Try & Error“, by offering a concise yet powerful collection of tracks. According to 5lack, this brevity defines an album, a philosophy that emphasizes quality over quantity.

Report” can be seen as the natural companion to “Try & Error“, reflecting a clear artistic evolution and significant technical progress, especially in sound engineering. The album pays homage to the era that shaped 5lack while embodying a modern approach to music. It captures a warm and timeless essence, where novelty is intertwined with a gentle nostalgia, thus creating a unique sound that resonates well beyond its time.

One of the most notable collaborations on the album is with LEX. This meeting of talents from different generations adds an extra dimension to the work, illustrating the ability of music to unite people beyond temporal barriers. The song “5xL“, a result of this collaboration, is highlighted by a video directed by Yasuhiko Shimizu. This visual perfectly complements the music, adding a layer of interpretation and appreciation.

Transport:Junichiro Ikuta
Colorlist:Haruka Ariga (Artone Film)
Online Editor : Takumi Teruya (L’espaceVision)
MA : Yoko Sato (L’espaceVision)
Production Manager:Ken Inoue
Production Assistant:Kohei Ikeda・KATOSHIN・Hiyori Fujimura
Producer:Takashi Sugai

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