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Published, April 19, 2024

Discover the latest music release by Itaq, a rapper who brings a fresh touch to the hip-hop scene with his new song, “Time Goes By“. Collaborating with 23-year-old beatmaker BE, this track explores the preciousness of time while reflecting the freshness of spring. “Time Goes By” is reminiscent of early Kanye West with its crisp approach. Although the song evokes a springtime vibe, it is firmly rooted in the present with Itaq’s lyrics. Now an experienced rapper, he shares stories of daily life in the Nakano district of Tokyo while celebrating the good news of his friends. Itaq designed the artwork accompanying the song in the form of a collage. Additionally, a performance video has been released alongside the song’s debut. Produced by Itaq, the video features the rapper casually performing in a corner of Numabukuro in the Nakano district, adding an impressive visual touch to this musical release.

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