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Published, March 1st, 2023

THA BLUE HERB recently released a music video for their “スーパーヒーロー” (superhero) song from their 2019 album. The work is inspired by humanitarian and reconstruction efforts led by various organizations following natural disasters in Japan. Among these inspirations are Operation NBC and the Hatagaya University of Reconstruction and Revitalization, established after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, SAVE THE HIROSHIMA, in response to the devastating floods in Hiroshima in 2014, and the ongoing actions of SHINGO★Nishinari in his hometown of Nishinari.

Filmed in 2020, the video pays tribute to these initiatives and the many “superheroes” who continue to provide support in critical situations. The video was produced by MarioWorks, which is known for its numerous collaborations with THA BLUE HERB RECORDINGS. It should be noted that all proceeds from this video will be donated to Hatagaya Rebirth University, in support of its volunteer activities.

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