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Published, May 23, 2024

Zushi, Japan — A fresh artistic collaboration emerges from Zushi, merging the talents of Pedestrian, a renowned bassist, and beatmaker, and Ada, a dynamic MC, and DJ. The duo plans to release their first collaborative EP, “FOCUS” this Friday, May 31, promising to captivate their audience with a unique musical alchemy.

FOCUS, Ada & Padestrian

Artists: Ada & pedestrian
Release Date: 2024.05.31
Distribution link

Ada, whose rap career took off in 2015, has made his mark in Yokohama and Tokyo. A finalist in the UMB2016 Kanagawa Qualifier, Ada has also been active as a DJ, hosting evenings in bars, clothing pop-ups, and even restaurants. His journey showcases his versatility and commitment to the urban music scene. Pedestrian, on the other hand, is equally impressive. A member of [slugger PRODUCTION], he has produced music for artists such as SANABAGUN’s Liberal a.k.a Iwama Toshiki, Eminata, and Som, and has also been involved in creating music for corporate films and brand stores. His active participation in various events as a musician highlights his eclectic profile and artistic dedication.

The “FOCUS” EP includes three poignant tracks: “Trust me“, “Came from“, and “LLIM“. The launch of the EP was preceded by the release of the music video for “Trust me“, directed by Shota Tsuji, known for his previous works with 018 “JUNGLE” and Sala “Loved More”.

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