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Published, February 18, 2023

BAD HOP, the iconic collective from the Japanese hip-hop scene, is celebrating the end of its journey with a spectacular series of music video releases, culminating in their final live concert at the Tokyo Dome on February 19, 2024. This concert, dubbed “BAD HOP THE FINAL“, promises to be a grand event for the group’s members and their devoted fans. The announcement of their breakup at the POP YOURS 2023 festival took many admirers by surprise, adding a layer of emotion and anticipation to their recent releases.

Since February 9, BAD HOP has released music videos featuring dynamic collaborations between group members and guest artists. The clips from their latest self-titled album, “BAD HOP“, offer various styles and artistic expressions that have characterized the group throughout its journey.

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The “Last Party Never End” video highlights the collaboration between Tiji Jojo, YZERR, Yellow Pato & Vingo, capturing the essence of an endless party. “Locker” closely follows this, which sees G-k.i.d, Tiji Jojo & YZERR join forces for a powerful track. “B2B” with Benjazzy & Bonbero, “4L” with Bark, Benjazzy, C.O.S.A. & IO, and “Day N Night” with G-k.i.d, guca owl & KEIJU, continue to showcase the diversity and talent within the collective.

The release of three music videos marked the three days leading up to the final concert: “Mukaijima“, “Shoot My Shot“, and “NEW ASIAN“, the latter featuring Vingo & OZworld as well as guests such as Anarchy, Ai, and Kan aka GAMI. These releases highlight BAD HOP’s desire to leave the music scene on a high note, sharing their passion and creativity until the end.



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Date released: 2024.02.09

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Very dope videos. Bad Hop for life