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Published, January 25, 2023

The Japanese rap world has unveiled the new music video “Racin’” by artist IO, in collaboration with the rising star Kohjiya. This piece is extracted from IO’s album “four” released last November. Directed by ;, this video is a true celebration of art and talent. “Racin’”, featuring a guest performance by Kohjiya – a respected member of MADz’s – is a perfect blend of rhythms. The production, handled by Mellow In Da Street and GooDee, adds a unique dimension to the song, harmoniously merging traditional hip-hop with modern influences.

The success of the album “four” and the popularity of IO (former member of Kandytown) are reflected in the eager anticipation surrounding the “Racin'” video. The decision to livestream IO’s one-man show “Four Show” at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on Thursday, January 25, demonstrates the public’s excitement. Thanks to ABEMA Premium and ABEMA HIP HOP, fans of the artist will be able to experience this musical event, even after the immediate sale of tickets for the show.

Furthermore, broadcasting some videos for free on ABEMA HIPHOP is an incredible opportunity for new listeners to discover IO and Kohjiya. This initiative allows a broader audience to dive into the Japanese rap scene.

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