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January 25, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Today, the world of R&B and hip-hop music awakens with the highly anticipated release of the new single “Doin It Well” by the dynamic duo Otomodatchi. Based between London and Los Angeles, Amide and Jyodan, the two talents behind Otomodatchi, continue to captivate their international audience with this latest masterpiece. Otomodatchi is not a new name in the music industry. The group was born from the ashes of CIRRRCLE, a highly appreciated hip-hop group that unfortunately dissolved at the end of 2020. Amide and Jyodan, former members of CIRRRCLE, decided to merge their talents and passions to form Otomodatchi. This collaboration marked a new chapter in their musical career, brilliantly illustrated by their first EP, “We’re Still Friends“, in 2023.

The duo has managed to maintain a close connection with their fans by leveraging social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Sharing weekly videos has kept their audience engaged and expanded their fan base, demonstrating their boundless adaptability.

The Return with “Doin It Well”

Their latest release, “Doin It Well“, marks their grand return after a six-month hiatus. This single, produced by the renowned Chocoholic, promises an unforgettable auditory experience. From the first notes, the listener is captivated by a striking introductory vocal sample, followed by distinctive trap elements. The song’s positive lyrics celebrate a successful relationship, a universal theme that resonates with many listeners.


Otomodatchi, Doin It Well

Artist: Otomodatchi, Amiide, Jyodan
Title: Doin It Well feat. Chocoholic
Release Date: 2024.1.24
Tracklist: Doin It Well feat. Chocoholic

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