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September 5, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Hip-hop is more than just a form of music; it’s a culture, a movement, and, most importantly, a passion. In the latest single, “BRING BACK“, this passion for hip-hop shines through. Artists MISTA, O.K.I, and 茂千代 have combined their strengths to present us with a track that asks the question: “What is hip-hop?” Behind the catchy rhythm of this song lies the eminent producer from Nagoya, Loopaddict/Dj Kuni, after impressing the hip-hop world with his track “INNOCENCE” in collaboration with MISTA O.K. The previous year, he returns now with a piece sure to captivate listeners.

MISTA O.K.I: A voice from the 90s

Proudly representing Osaka since the 90s, MISTA O.K.I have continuously shared poignant messages with the world. With lines such as “A call for peace from Naniwa” and “The child of the past, constantly listening to the ‘testimony’“, his unique vocal signature narrates a timeless love story for hip-hop. Adding to this already impressive mix, we have 茂千代, the former member of the iconic group DESPERADO. Known for his contributions to Osaka’s hit “DJ KENSAW – Owl Night”, 茂千代 offers deep introspection in “BRING BACK“, likening his life to hip-hop and exploring how this music has been the driving force behind so many lives, including his own.

As the icing on the cake, the video features a surprise appearance by YOSHI, an artist recognized not only for his involvement in the group “ULTRA NANIWATIC MC’S”, where MISTA O.K.I am also a member, but also for his role in the group 餓鬼レンジャー. His cameo is a perfect addition to this blend of talents.

“BRING BACK” is more than just a song; it’s a blend of voices, stories, and a passion for hip-hop, with LOOPADDICT on production and talented artists such as MISTA, O.K.I and茂千代, this track will become a modern classic in the hip-hop world. Be sure to listen and let yourself be swept away by hip-hop’s rhythms, lyrics, and essence encapsulated in “BRING BACK”.

Artist: Loopaddict 茂千代 & MISTA OKI
Date release: 2023.09.05
Label: 728RECORD

Audio Link

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“BRING BACK”: An epic collaboration between MISTA, O.K.I, 茂千代, and LOOPADDICT
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