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May 25, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

In 2023, the music landscape is witnessing a vibrant resurgence of R&B. Talented artists are bringing back the soulfulness and vulnerability of the 2000s and 90s R&B to the mainstream audience. Among these artists, aimi and EMI MARIA have once again joined forces to create music that tells real stories about mental health issues while evoking nostalgia for R&B girl groups.

The Return of aimi and EMI MARIA

The duo debuted with the first collaborative single titled “Day N Night” on October 26th last year. Building on this initial venture’s success, they return with two captivating new R&B tracks: “How’s The Weather?” and “Priority“. This single almost represents a conceptual project, offering a spiritual journey of self-discovery and self-love. As women faced with insecurity and self-doubt in the era of social media and romantic relationships, these songs are a true testament to how they manage their mental health.

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aimi and EMI MARIA collaboration in “How’s The Weather?”

The musical and personal chemistry between aimi and EMI MARIA is undeniable. They complement each other so well, creating a unique synergy that is reflected in their music. With the support of Modesty Beats, the producer who also worked on their previous single “Day N Night“, they have become a stronger creative duo than ever. This project is a bold statement affirming that Japanese R&B is alive and continues to evolve. Aimi and EMI MARIA are talented artists who bring new vitality to Japanese R&B. Their music combines the nostalgia of 2000s and 90s R&B girl groups with realistic narratives about mental health issues. With their new singles “How’s The Weather?” and “Priority“, they offer a conceptual project exploring self-love’s spiritual journey. Their enhanced collaboration and creativity are a testament to their determination to shine a spotlight on Japanese R&B in the international music scene.

Artists: aimi & EMI MARIA
Title: How’s The Weather?
Release Date: May 24, 2023
Audio stream

About aimi & EMI MARIA

Born and raised in Japan, Aimi is a multi-talented singer and rising R&B artist. She is currently based in Tokyo, where she released her first bilingual EP, “Water Me” (2020), catering to Japanese and international R&B listeners. Growing up listening to soul and R&B music, Aimi picked up her father’s guitar and started writing her own music at the age of 16. Her sound is rooted in the 90s and 2000s R&B, influenced by contemporary and alternative R&B synthesizers, rhythms, and harmonies. Aimi gained national and global recognition with her third EP, “Chosen One” (2022). Her international streams significantly increased in Taiwan, the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries. Each song she releases has been a way to express her love for the growing global community of contemporary R&B enthusiasts. She continues to push the boundaries of her music proudly offering her “Made in Japan” R&B to R&B lovers worldwide.

Emi Maria, a Tokyo-based singer, and songwriter, was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up in Kobe, Japan. She released her first independent album, “Between the Music” (2007), at the age of 20, which led to her debut with Victor Records in Japan. Over the course of a decade, she continued to create new music and released five studio albums, establishing herself as an accomplished R&B diva in Japan. After marrying Japanese rapper SEEDA and expanding her family to five members, she made a comeback with her new music in 2022.


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