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Published, May 20, 2024

Tokyo’s music scene is enriched by a new powerful voice with Rek, a female rapper and singer from Adachi Ward. Her musical journey takes a promising turn with the release of her first single, “TOKYO SUNSET“, in March 2023, quickly climbing the iTunes Store ranks. The momentum doesn’t stop there, as in October of the same year, Rek collaborated with rapper Tokage to launch the EP “Toka-chan Rek-chan,” marking an important milestone in her career.

On February 14th, she continued to captivate her audience by releasing her fourth single, “SHOT!” which made its way onto Spotify playlists and +81Connect: J HipHop. She is known for her clear, singing voice and dynamic, powerful rap style, which enchants and engages her listeners.

Her latest creation, the song “Letter“, is an ode to her roots and friends in the Adachi district. With a captivating piano background, this song reveals her determination. Rek expresses her hope and commitment to her community, even promising to celebrate her successes with them by offering a meal at the famous Takano restaurant if the track tops the sales charts. In addition to this new anthem, her fans can rejoice as her first solo music video will be available on YouTube at 6 pm on May 21st. Each new release from Rek cements her place in the Tokyo music landscape and serves as a testament to her love and dedication to Adachi and its residents.

Rek, Letter

Artist: Rek
Single: Letter
Released on: 2024-05-20
Lyricist: Rek
Composer: Rek
Composer: Seekx

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