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Young Yujiro, the founder and rapper of HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT, announces releasing his sixth album, WOLF!!, on February 15, 2023. This new album, produced by the talented DJ Whitesmith, known for his musical productions such as “Karmic Overdose – Ryofu Karma” and “Ryu RAW – OZworld,” promises to be a success due to its considerable support. Young Yujiro is partnering with big names in the music scene to create WOLF !!. Ryofu Karma, who participated in the previous single Mission Impossible, is among the guest artists. REDWING, the 17th high school rap championship winner in 2022, HIPHOP PSYCHO PATCH group leader, and ILLNANDES also participate in the album.

Young Yujiro, WOLF!!

WOLF!!, Young Yujiro’s sixth album

Album: WOLF!!
Artist : Young Yujiro
Date release: February 15, 2022

Young Yujiro based his album on his personal experience and knowledge gained on the streets of Minami in Osaka and on current events that are taking place in the world and have accelerated in recent years. The skillful use of the Kansai dialect, in which he excels, is highlighted in this album through various low voices. WOLF!! It contains 11 songs that offer a wide range of different styles and sounds. Fans can expect hard-hitting songs like the previous singles “Mission Impossible feat. Ryofu Karma, rirugiliyangugili,” “Shinogi Part 2 feat.”, “HUG !!”. Catchy melodies like “Gucci Wallet” and “Boycott” and another varied track titled WOLF !!.

Finally, WOLF !! by Young Yujiro, produced by DJ Whitesmith and in collaboration with many talented artists, promises to be a remarkable album with various musical styles and the skillful use of the Kansai dialect. Hip-hop and rap fans are invited to discover this album on February 15, 2023.


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