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August 2, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

KVGGLV, the rapper from Osaka, Japan, has just released a new single titled “Chip ‘n’ Dale“. Following the viral success of “Loser” a few months ago, KVGGLV features rapper Norikiyo in this new track. The accompanying music video is sure to captivate fans. KVGGLV has quickly risen as a prominent figure in Osaka’s rap scene, gaining popularity with his unique style and performances. He is also a member of the unit 2MC with EASTA( SUMMER SNOWMAN), which further solidified his presence in the Japanese music landscape.

His appearance at “Rapstar 2023” was a defining moment in his career, confirming his status as a talented artist. One of the key factors in KVGGLV’s growing popularity is its involvement in large-scale projects. His participation in the FPS game “Valorant Champions Tour” allowed his music to reach an even wider audience, enhancing his reputation in the industry. His presence in the collaborative project “The other side of RAPSTAR2023” by JIMBEAM also made a strong impression and generated much anticipation around his future creations.

“Chip ‘n’ Dale,” a unique fusion of rap and house

KVGGLV’s new single, “Chip ‘n’ Dale“, demonstrates his talent for blending different musical elements while maintaining his signature rap style. The house rhythm provides the track with a danceable and catchy vibe that will undoubtedly appeal to listeners from all walks of life.

The explosive collaboration with Norikiyo

Norikiyo’s appearance as a guest on “Chip ‘n’ Dale” adds excitement to the single. Known for his powerful flow, Norikiyo harmoniously merges with KVGGLV’s musical universe, creating a synergy that amplifies the track’s impact. Behind the production of this promising single is NOTYPE 9, a talented producer who brought to life the artistic vision of KVGGLV and Norikiyo in “Chip ‘n’ Dale.” His expertise and musical flair have created an enchanting atmosphere that gives the track its full power.

Artist: KVGGLV
Single: “Chip ‘n’ Dale” feat. NORIKIYO
Date release: August 1, 2023
Label: Naked Child Records

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