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June 10, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

TKdaKurobuchi returns to the spotlight with his highly anticipated fourth album, “Re:Dream” released on June 8th. This artist, well-known for his significant impact on the Japanese rap scene, continues to push the boundaries of his art with this new opus.

TKdaKurobuchi: A Journey in the Rap World

TKdaKurobuchi made a mark from a young age. At just 16, he stood out during an MC battle at B-Boy Park in 2005. Since then, he has continually impressed rap enthusiasts with his energetic performances and formidable freestyle skills. His stint as a third-generation monster on the popular TV show “Freestyle Dungeon” boosted his notoriety, making him a staple of the hip-hop scene. Despite his initial focus on battles, TKda Kurobuchi has proven his artistic versatility with notable tracks. His representative song “Dream” has garnered over 600,000 views on YouTube, showcasing his talent for creating captivating tracks. His previous album, “Don’t Let The Dream Die“, topped the hip-hop charts and received unanimous praise.

“Re:Dream”: A Personal and Artistic Evolution

“Re:Dream” follows the continuity of his previous work while exploring new dimensions. TKdaKurobuchi, who moved from his hometown of Kasukabe to Tokyo during the global pandemic, shares touching personal stories in this album. He talks about his experiences in the metropolis, challenges, and moments of comfort from friends. The album features an impressive list of guests, including ELIONE, CHICO CARLITO, TAKEM, OHZKEY, HANWA, BILLY LAURENT, and HIIRAGIHITO. On the production side, talents like YU from Parmpark, JeanGLY&ashtrayy, NAOtheLAIZA, Kensuke from Parmpark, DJ WATARAI, DJ JIN, and Hokuto have contributed to creating powerful and innovative beats, reflecting the passion and commitment that marked the making of this album.

The release of “Re:Dream” is accompanied by a Vlog, generating great interest. TKdaKurobuchi shares TV interviews and magazine articles, offering a vivid glimpse into his life in Tokyo and his thoughts on this album. The title, inspired by a dream he almost abandoned, reflects the artist’s current emotions and experiences, blending joy, sorrow, and pleasure.

Artist: TKdaKurobuchi
Album: Re:Dream
Release date: 2024.06.08
Label: TKdaKurobuchi
Distribution link

TKdakurobuchi, "Re: Dream"


1. Second Glance (Produced by YU from Palmpark)
2. ソールとSoul feat. ELIONE & CHICO
CARLITO (Produced by YU from Palmpark)
3. For What feat.テークエム& OHZKEY (Produced by JeanGLY & ashtrayy)
4. Life Goes On feat. 般若 (Produced by NAOtheLAIZA)
5. I Can feat. BILLY LAURENT (Produced by Kensuke from Palmpark)
6. Time Card (Produced & Scratch by DJ WATARAI)
7. それでもまた (Produced by DJ JIN)
8. 湾岸 feat. ELIONE (Produced by NAOtheLAIZA)
9. 鳴り止まない音 feat.柊人(Produced by DJ Mitsu The Beats)
10. Re:Dream (Produced by hokuto)

Mixed & Mastered by NAOtheLAIZA
Photo by Shunichi Oda
Artwork Design by フジイケDINAH



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TKdaKurobuchi releases its fourth album: “Re:Dream”
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