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May 6, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

At the end of the month, we offer you to discover the Japanese rap scene albums released in April 2023. If you are a rap enthusiast and want to stay up-to-date, we invite you to check out the listed albums.

We begin with guca owl’s album, “ROBIN HOOD STREET” and Freez’s REMIXES project with NARIS, released on April 5th. We had already mentioned the releases of MC TYSON (THE MESSAGE 5), Yuksta-Ill with “Monkey of My Back” and BAKU‘s “MO’ BETTER TRUTH” in our previous articles.

A great surprise occurred with the album of the young rapper FRME, a member of the rap group Refugecamp based in Sapporo, who presented his first opus entitled “Steps On The Hill“, released on April 26th. We discovered this artist with his first 4 singles released earlier this year and produced by BACHLOGIC. FRME’s album, On The Cliff, is a faithful reflection of what the artist sees and feels daily, transposed into BACHLOGIC’s rhythms, with FRME’s own words. It is a piece where you can fully appreciate FRME’s flow and melodies.

The TkCk group, six years after their work “Progress“, released a new album on the same day, April 26th, entitled “Progress II“. This opus is more refined and offers underground boom-bap atmospheres that do not follow most new-generation trends. We find reference artists of this style such as GRADIS NICE, NZ Zessho, B.D or J’Da Skit, who put the flow at the forefront.

The rapper tha BOSS (THA BLUE HERB) also released his second solo project, “IN THE NAME HIP-HOP II“, available only on Japanese streaming sites or YouTube. Tha Boss selected beats from Mr. Beats a.k.a DJ Celory and other renowned producers for this album. Finally, the rap group BAD HOP leader, Yzerr, presents his second album, “Rich or Die 2“. This project is worth listening to if you want new sounds in the Japanese rap scene.

We hope this selection of albums from the Japanese rap scene released in April 2023 will please you and allow you to discover new artists. Stay connected to not miss anything from next month’s releases!


Tee: Made In Japan



Young Yujiro: 420 VOL.2

FRME: Steps On The Hill

TkCk: Progress II

Yzerr: Rich or Die 2

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Japanese Rap Albums April 2023
Rap albums April 2023
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