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February 9, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Friday, February 9th, marks the release of the long-awaited EP, Flying To The Top, co-written by two emblematic figures of the Tokai hip-hop scene, AK-69 and ¥ellow Bucks.

Flying To The Top: A 100% Tokai Hip-Hop EP

Flying To The Top is a tribute to Tokai hip-hop, exclusively involving artists, producers, and creatives from this region. Featuring performances by C.O.S.A. and MaRI, and production by names such as DJ RYOW, SPACE DUST CLUB, DJ DOPEMAN, RIMAZI, and Tee, this EP embodies the quintessence of Tokai’s regional hip-hop. The artwork, signed by DJ NONKEY, perfectly complements the album’s sound aesthetic. As ¥ellow Bucks explains, Flying To The Top stands out for its diversity. The EP offers six new songs, each providing a different variety, plus a new version of the hit “Bussin’“, in collaboration with MaRI and C.O.S.A.

A Celebrated Release

On the eve of its release, February 8th, a countdown party was organized at the Amazon Music Studio Tokyo in Shibuya. The event featured DJ RYOW, DJ KEKKE, and DJ SID, offering a first listen to the EP’s tracks and a listening session led by AK-69 and ¥ellow Bucks. The evening attracted numerous personalities from the Japanese hip-hop world, renowned athletes, and influencers, demonstrating the impact and reach of this musical project.


¥ellow Bucks and AK-69, Flying To The Top

Artists: AK-69 & ¥ellow Bucks
EP: Flying To The Top
Release Date: 2024.02.09
Label: Flying B Entertainment Inc. / To The Top Gang


1. The Mountain
2. Got It All
3. Jamming
4. Panty Wetter
5. Way Up
7. Bussin’ (feat. MaRI & C.O.S.A.) [REMIX]

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