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February 10, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

On February 10th, the first single, “Still!” from the EP “WANTED 2” by Only U and HEZRON, was released to the delight of fans. The two artists, who haven’t collaborated in almost two years, have created a catchy and melodic track that raises high expectations for the upcoming EP.

Since the release of their album “POP CORN” in 2021, Only U has been gaining popularity. Dynamic live performances and appearances at major festivals like “POP YOURS” have helped to introduce the artist’s talent to the general public. On the other hand, HEZRON is an experienced rapper who has participated in many high-profile releases from groups like BAD HOP and LEX. The new track by Only U and HEZRON clearly shows why the two artists are considered one of the most promising duos in the current music scene. The catchy melody and quality raps blend perfectly to bring life to a song that should feature on many hip-hop fans’ playlists.

The EP “WANTED 2” by Only U and HEZRON will be released in three weeks, with “Still!” as the first single. Fans are eager to discover the rest of the EP and see what the two artists have in store. Expectations are high, but given Only U and HEZRON’s talent, the EP is likely to be a true success. The first single, “Still!” from the EP “WANTED 2” by Only U and HEZRON, is a good preview of what fans can expect from the rest. The collaboration between these two talented artists promises to be one of the highlights of the music scene in 2023. The single “Still!” is available on streaming music platforms.

Single: Still!
Artists: Only U & Hezron
Date release: February 10, 2022


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