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August 8, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

From Okinawa to the entire world, OzWorld, a talented non-conformist rapper, is gearing up for his third album titled “SUN NO KUNI“. Having already captivated many listeners with his previous releases “OZWORLD” and “OZKNEEZ FXXKED UP“, OzWorld is preparing to make another artistic breakthrough with this upcoming project.

The Emergence of a Unique Vision

OzWorld stands out with its bold artistic vision, innovatively blending nature and the future. After the success of his first two albums, he is now preparing to unveil his third opus, which is already laden with meaning and symbolism. The title “SUN NO KUNI“, translated as “Land of the Sun“, is a subtle fusion of meanings. “SUN” represents the sun, echoing the Japanese concept of the “Land of the Rising Sun,” while the number “3” refers to this album being the third in his discography. Additionally, the title alludes to a birth, a new stage in his musical career. It also suggests a connection with his emblematic song “NINOKUNI feat. Tsubaki“, hinting at thematic continuity.

Art in All Its Forms

The album artwork is a striking example of OzWorld’s multidimensional approach. Inspired by OzWorld’s original works and created by the talented Okinawan painter, Kiyota Oshiro, the artwork incorporates the notion of “Kaminchu“, the blood of gods, using the pointillism technique. The makeup artist Amazing JIRO adds a special touch with unique and bold makeup to bring this artwork to life on stage.

OzWorld’s Creative Universe

OzWorld doesn’t limit himself solely to music; he explores various creative domains. Apart from his talent as a hip-hop artist, he is also a clothing brand producer. Moreover, he has ventured into the world of NFTs as a producer and joined a professional esports team. This versatility reflects his commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining creativity in various spheres. What sets OzWorld’s work apart is the depth of the story he tells through every aspect of his creation. From lyrics to sounds, everything is carefully woven into an organic narrative. His artistic creations seem almost harmonized with the Ryukyu gods, embodying words and lives beyond his volition. This spiritual connection to his creation imparts a unique dimension to his music.

OzWorld’s third album, “SUN NO KUNI“, is about to arrive and promises to captivate even more listeners. OzWorld challenges conventions to create a unique and engaging experience through music, visual art, and multifaceted creativity.

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