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Published, January 18, 2023

The rap scene has recently been dazzled by the release of the music video “MIKOTO SUN NO KUNI feat. Sakuki & Awich“, from OZworld’s album “SUN NO KUNI” released on September 6, 2023. OZworld, known for his multiple talents as a hip-hop artist, clothing brand producer, NFT producer, and member of a professional e-Sports team, continues to impress with this latest music video.

The track “MIKOTO SUN NO KUNI” features Awich, Tsubaki, and Shiki, all hailing from Okinawa, an island rich in culture and history. The title “MIKOTO“, meaning honorific words such as God, Emperor, or Nobility, underlines OZworld’s intention to transform the “words/life” inherited from the Ryukyu gods into music. The participation of guest artists Tsubaki and Awich adds significant depth to the piece, indicating the transmission of cultural heritage.

The music video, directed by YOSHIHITO KATO, who had previously worked with OZworld on “NINOKUNI feat. Tsubaki“, stands out for its creativity and depth. It presents a mix of connections and details related to OZworld’s iconic songs, such as “NINOKUNI” and “Gear 5“. OZworld encourages listeners to explore and interact with the video to uncover all its subtleties. The song is a powerful representation of Okinawa Island, addressing themes of light and darkness while offering an objective viewpoint on Japan. It aims to convey a strong message for the current era, reflecting the voices of three influential regional artists.

As for the album “SUN NO KUNI,” its title carries a triple meaning: “SUN” for the sun, the number “3” symbolizes various aspects such as OZworld’s 3rd album, the concept of web3, and the Trinity, as well as “San,” meaning birth. This album continues the themes and motifs developed in OZworld’s previous works.

As part of the promotion of this album, OZworld will organize a solo concert, “‘SUN NO KUNI’ CLUB TOUR FINAL“, on January 27 at Shinjuku ZERO TOKYO. With tickets already sold out and limited availability on the day, this event promises to be memorable, especially with a secret guest.

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