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Published, January 12, 2023

The music video for “Young Boy” is a work extracted from the EP “ICON” by rapper Kaneee, released on November 29, 2023. Kaneee’s talent, combined with the production of GROUNDRIDDIM and the visual direction of Spikey John, with Yusuke Suga as the director of photography, creates a perfect blend of music and visual art. The video for “Young Boy” stands out with its striking visual style and profound message. Full of emotion, the lyrics tell the story of Kaneee, a young man facing challenges but determined to succeed. With lines like “Imma youngboy 22 cruise around” and “R.I.P my father and my brother die young“, Kaneee expresses both his vulnerability and strength. The music of “Young Boy” is a mix of catchy beats and melancholic melodies. STUTS’s production adds an extra dimension to the song, with rhythms that intensify the impact of the lyrics. The line “I’ve been riding on the beat of stuts screaming out” highlights this harmonious collaboration.

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