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September 19, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan| by RJHH Team

Following a series of successful albums, the singer-songwriter Mizuki Ohira is ready to captivate her audience once again with the release of the single “Risou No Numa” (理想の沼). This single, which explores various forms of love, is the fruit of collaborating with the rapper CHICO CARLITO.

The Harmony of Mizuki Ohira and CHICO CARLITO

This new project witnesses the collaboration of significant talents, notably the eminent rapper CHICO CARLITO. Active and recognized, with a third album released in June, Carlito adds an extra dimension to Ohira’s music, showcasing the perfect symbiosis between artists dedicated to their craft. “Risou No Numa” (理想の沼) is a creation born from a working session with Taisuke Nakamura. This neo-soul song for adults stands out with a tight beat, brilliantly highlighted by the bass line of the talented Ren Yamamoto.

Risou No Numa” is also a contemporary tribute to the neo-soul works of the 90s, a genre finding its renaissance in Ohira’s work. The moist and elongated voices of Mizuki Ohira merge with the distinctive flow of CARLITO, creating a symphony where each note, rhythm, and rhyme shines with exceptional harmony.

Mizuki Ohira


Mizuki Ohira

Mizuki Ohira

Blessed with a smoky voice and a guitar with a distinctive sound, this singer-songwriter is redefining the landscape of progressive city pop. With her electric guitar always within reach, she regularly graces Japanese stages, leaving a mark in every venue she performs in. Her already rich journey includes notable performances at high-profile events such as the Fuji Rock Festival, Summer Sonic, Greenroom Festival, and Ringo Music Festival, to name just a few.

In 2022, she released her third studio album, “Little Woman“, adding a new milestone to her rapidly expanding discography. In September, a highly anticipated collaboration came to life that same year: Nanao Tabito unveiled her album “Long Voyage,” featuring the heart-wrenching soul ballad “Don’t Say Goodbye.” This release sparked keen interest, affirming her status as an artist to watch closely in the music industry.

The following year, in 2023, she continued to surprise and delight her fans. As a vital part of the “Love On A Two Way Street” project, she delivered memorable live performances in Tokyo and Osaka alongside renowned figures such as Masahiro Naoe, Butaji, and Skirt from “Carnation”. This collaborative project, accompanied by an album in the works, has been a hot topic of conversation and a true testament to her talent and versatility. Later, in August, the group held a notable “The Reminder” concert at Daikanyama UNIT, reaffirming their place in the audience’s heart. They are in the studio, working tirelessly on their fourth album, slated for release this autumn.





Chico Carlito

Born in 1993 in Naha City, Okinawa, this rapper stood out by passionately involving himself in MC battles. He made his mark in renowned competitions such as “SENGOKU MC BATTLE“, “THE Cursing“, and “ULTIMATE MC BATTLE“, to name a few. His undeniable talent led him to victory in 2016, where he secured the title of the best MC team.

In the same year, he made his television debut, making regular appearances on the show Freestyle Dungeon broadcasted on TV Asahi. His musical journey continued to accelerate, reaching a pinnacle in 2022 with the release of his album “Sandra’s Son.” This album not only marked his discography but also paved the way for his first solo concert. Following the album’s launch, he organized a solo concert at Shibuya WWW, which sold out in just two hours. The successes did not stop there; his subsequent concert at G+ in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, also enjoyed a large turnout, affirming his status as a rising musician.

Currently based in Tokyo, he continues to pulse to the rhythm of music, pouring all his energy into music production and grandiose MC battles. In this active and flourishing chapter of his career, he recently enriched his discography with his third album, “Grandma’s Wish“, released in June of this year. Through his determination and talent, he continues to challenge the norms, creating a musical legacy that promises many more successes to come.

Artist: Mizuki Ohira
Single: “Risou No Numa” (理想の沼)
Date de sortie: 2023.09.13
Label: RED

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