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September 8, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan| by RJHH Team

Midnight on September 8th will mark another significant milestone in the musical career of Utatane, the rapper born in 1993 in the Shiga prefecture. With the release of his third single, “My Answer“, Utatane solidified his position in the Japanese rap industry.

A reflection of the Japanese reality of the 2020s

My Answer” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt cry. Through its lyrics, this track captures the essence of Japanese society in the 2020s. Combining the authenticity of rap with lo-fi rhythms influenced by UK Drill, Utatane passionately denounces the social oppression and discrimination that still prevail in the country. The combination of the track’s production and his distinctive flow makes “My Answer” a memorable listening experience.

Born in 1993 and residing in the Shiga prefecture, Utatane has climbed the ranks of the rap scene since 2009. Performing mainly in the Kansai region, he has won hearts with his honest and narrative rap style. In 2014, the world witnessed his talent with the release of his debut album “Green” under the pseudonym Utatane/Nayuta. His collaboration in 2018 with DJ Ikipedia on the album “Street Tellers” also made a mark.

Artist: Utatane
Single: “My Answer”
Mixed by: 金井 泰龍 (StudioSHIKARI)
Date release: 2023.09.04

Stream Link

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