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May 4th, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The musical landscape is constantly evolving, and one artist making a significant mark with his unique sound is CYBER RUI. His latest double single, “tattoo” and “show me“, released on May 4th, has quickly captured the attention of fans and critics alike. This release delves into the profound themes of personal growth and the importance of remembering one’s past. It’s not just music; it’s a narrative journey that resonates with anyone who has experienced change and evolution.

The Significance of “tattoo” in CYBER RUI’s Musical Catalog

The first track of the double single, “tattoo“, is a masterful exploration of the indelible marks our experiences leave on us, much like tattoos. This song is a metaphor for those life events that shape us permanently. CYBER RUI uses the concept of a tattoo as a powerful symbol of personal history and identity, making it a crucial listen for those who connect deeply with the notion of self-expression through past experiences.

“show me“: A Call to Understanding and Growth

Following “tattoo“, the second single, “show me“, shifts the focus slightly to a more introspective appeal. Here, CYBER RUI invites listeners to look within and see how their past has molded their present. The track stands out for its emotional depth and lyrical sophistication, encouraging a reflective approach to personal history.

In February, CYBER RUI also made waves with “CATCH UP“, a collaborative effort with South Korean artist Ash-B. This track highlighted CYBER RUI’s adaptability, range, and ability to seamlessly integrate different cultural influences into his music. The blend of Japanese and Korean musical elements has enriched CYBER RUI’s style, adding another layer of complexity to his work. The production quality of “tattoo” and “show me” is noteworthy, with contributions from acclaimed producers LYNN, FUKU, and Cozin. Their expertise has brought diverse sounds to the singles, enhancing their listening experience. While tied to the central theme of the past’s impact on personal growth, each track offers listeners a unique sonic journey.

CYBER RUI, "tattoo", "show me"

1. tattoo (Prod. by LYNN, FUKU, Cozin)
2. show me (Prod. by LYNN, FUKU)
Lyrics by CYBER RUI
Mixed by LYNN
Mastered by murozo


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