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January 30, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

Discover all the rap album releases for January 2023. The albums are available for streaming and have been selected by Real Japanese Hip Hop editors.

January 2023 was relatively quiet regarding album releases, perhaps due to the downtime following the end-of-year holidays in 2022. However, the editorial team at Real Japanese Hip Hop was not disappointed by the quality of the albums released this month. We have selected the three best for you.

The first on our list is “SNOWDOME,” the third release from hyunis1000, a rapper from Kobe who is part of the Neibiss group. In collaboration with DJ/beatmaker Ratiff, this new album is filled with eight trap-style tracks with electronic sounds. hyunis1000 has also invited Caroline to join him on this fantastic project.

Candee also made a significant impact with his second album, “Candemic.” This new release features 11 tracks with various themes, including the title “Pandemic” and its “Candemic Remix with JP THE WAVY.” Producers ZOT on the WAVE and dubby bunny from Candee’s SELF, MADE label, produced the beats for all tracks, offering a variety of styles from R&B to familiar trap sounds and club tracks.

Finally, Young zetton & WATSON collaborated to present “BRIGHT FUTURE,” a six-track album that caught the public’s attention. The most streamed tracks from this project are “dark room” and “2023“. These three albums show that, even in downtime, the talent of Japanese hip-hop artists continues to shine. We are excited to see what the coming months have in store for new album releases.


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