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December 10, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Paris, December 10, 2023 – An exceptional international musical collaboration comes to life with the release of the EP “Ninjas In Paris” by ISH-ONE, the renowned Japanese rapper, and Sonikem, the French beatmaker, producer, and DJ. This unique collaboration, consisting of six tracks, promises to redefine musical boundaries and delight fans.

“Ninjas In Paris”, an explosive cultural fusion

The  EP blends the distinct styles of ISH-ONE and Sonikem, creating a musical experience that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. All the tracks on the EP have been meticulously produced by Sonikem, providing a sonic coherence that highlights the musical genius of this duo. Among the six tracks on the EP, “Counting Sheep” stands out with its infectious energy and impactful lyrics. The music video for this song was carefully produced and shot by the teams at Tha Cage Paris, adding a captivating visual dimension to this musical experience.

Back to the Roots with “Ninjas in Paris”

Long-time fans of ISH-ONE will recognize the iconic track “Ninja in Paris“, initially released in 2019 on the album “Last Train to Shibuya“. This remastered version breathes new life into a track that has already captured hearts. The EP also features a remixed version of the “Phoenix” track from the same album. This reinterpretation brings a fresh perspective to the original piece, showcasing Sonikem’s creative talent.


A Fruitful Chapter in Paris for ISH-ONE

The release of “Ninjas In Paris” follows ISH-ONE’s successful activities during his stay in Paris, from his first visit to France in January 2019 to October 2023. The rapper unveiled the music video for “Crys Brown” on November 1, 2023, shot in Cergy (Parisian region) and Paris.

Another video filmed in Cergy will soon be shared on Sonikem’s YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for an even more immersive visual and musical experience. The “Ninjas In Paris” EP is available on all music streaming platforms, allowing listeners worldwide to dive into this exceptional musical adventure. Don’t miss the chance to discover the unique fusion between ISH-ONE and Sonikem.

Artists: Sonikem, ISH-ONE
EP: Ninjas In Paris
Release Date: 2023.12.10
Label: Fines-Lames Productions

Audio Link

1. Montmartre
2. Counting Sheep
3. Phoenix – Remix
4. All Night
5. Devoted
6. Ninjas in Paris

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