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January 3rd, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

In collaboration with THA BLUE HERB RECORDINGS, KMC is set to release his fourth album on Wednesday, April 17th. This new installment marks a highly anticipated return, two years after the release of his previous album, “ILL KID“, in 2022.

An Album Produced by THA BLUE HERB with ONO’s Rhythms

This new project results from a close collaboration between KMC and THA BLUE HERB. Each song has been meticulously composed with ONO’s distinctive rhythms, promising a rich and authentic musical experience. It’s a fusion of talents that reflects KMC’s passion and dedication to hip-hop. Following this announcement, the music video for “JUST DO IT“, a track from the previous album, has also been released. Directed by Asuka Hamaguchi, this video captures KMC’s fighting spirit with the emblematic phrase: “My opponent is hip-hop“. This video work vividly expresses KMC’s burning passion for his art.

KMC, an Inspiring Journey

Born in 1986 in Yoshida-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, KMC moved to Tokyo in 2005, drawn to the dynamic hip-hop scene of the capital. His awakening as a rapper was stimulated by his participation in the famous Hachiko-mae cypher, sponsored by Da.Me.RECORDS. Through late-night concerts and freestyle sessions, KMC honed his skills, expanded his network, and gained experience, visiting various scenes and genres. With three albums already under his belt, KMC has forged strong bonds with THA BLUE HERB, deepening their collaboration through shared encounters and experiences. The THA BLUE HERB team has dramatically appreciated his freshness and bold approach.

Recordings in Sapporo: Thoughts of THA BLUE HERB

Last year was marked by work on various projects centered around the release of “IN THE NAME OF HIPHOP II“, the second solo album of tha BOSS, the rapper of THA BLUE HERB. This period was successful thanks to the support and collaboration of many actors in the hip-hop scene.

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